How To Stop People-Pleasing & Honor Yourself!

People with more loving relationships, success, and overall happiness and prosperity stopped people-pleasing. The only way to stop people-pleasing is to learn the correct way to set boundaries, be assertive, and honor yourself. The replay will be available forever.

It's time to stop feeling stuck, resentful, & frustrated!

During this workshop, you will learn...


How To Set Boundaries With Everyone In Your Life!

Setting boundaries was the most significant tool I used to heal and create the life I dreamed of. I am going to teach you the exact steps I use and teach my clients.



How To Be Assertive!

The only way to stop people-pleasing and set boundaries is to learn how to be assertive. Without assertiveness, you stay at the mercy of others. Your happiness is dependent on others.


Learn How To Honor Yourself!

I will teach you how to honor yourself when in conflict, decipher if you are being lied to or manipulated, and deal with passive-aggressive people. Knowing this one tool will lessen your anxiety, confusion, doubt, and worry!

You’re just a few steps away from leaving behind the soul-sucking mechanisms that create stress and worry!
From Heather:

To me, your peace and success is personal. You’re not in this alone.


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