Living Your Highest Potential


Heal Your Relationships & Life!

From Hopeless Relationships To Thriving Partnerships

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Why Did I Create This Course?s

  • To show people that they can heal and live the life they dream of, desire, and deserve.
  • To help you heal the relationship or marriage you are in.
  • To give you clarity, so you can make a decision if it is time to move on.
  • To show people a new way; the way to peace, joy, love, and happiness.
  • To help people gain confidence, self-esteem, and self-love so not only do they thrive in their relationships, but also, in their career, finances, and health.
  • To teach people how to believe in themselves and their desires which means they have to understand the process of healing and take action.

What's Inside Heal Yourself, Relationships & Life?

  • Healing the inner child
  • Healing the self-limiting beliefs you have carried for too long-the crux of healing
  • Learn how to forgive, let go, and look within
  • How to find success in your relationships, career, and every other area of your life
  • You will take your relationship & life to the next level
  • Your deepest wounds will be validated & healed
  • Learn how to communicate effectively 
  • You will go from the insecure to the secure attachment
  • You will learn to identify your triggers and how to stop reacting to them
  • Break the code-learn to decipher past partners' attachment styles and how to recognize an avoidant or an anxious 
  • How to avoid the anxious/avoidant trap
  • Automatic Negative Thoughts-Changing our thoughts to stop the sabotage
  • How to deescalate conflict & disconnect when you're deep into it   
  • How To Set Boundaries The Right Way. 
  • The Self's-Awareness, Compassion, Confidence, and Love. 
  • The Art Of Affirmations.  
Are you ready to love and accept yourself, leave the toxic relationships behind, and live the life you desire to live?

By the end of the course you will be able to :s

  • Identify and understand yourself on an expert level that will bring healing, success & change in every area of your life
  • You will be crystal clear on how to heal your relationship or marriage and if it is time to go or keep working on it through healing yourself. 
  • Go for the career change you desire, apply for a promotion, or open the business
  • Increase your wealth in health and the bank
  • Break the code and decipher the attachment styles of past & present relationships so you can avoid dysfunctional relationships in the future
  • Stopped the thought patterns that sabotage your relationships & life; instead, you bring in the things you want and let go of the things you don't want
  • Choose better & more healthy ways to express yourself and get your needs met - say this instead of that
  • Identify what to do when triggered 
  • Break free from the patterns that keep you stuck
  • Create prosperity in every area of your life
  • Interpret reasonable and unreasonable expectations.
  • Utilize self-awareness & awareness of others to build a healthy relationship
  • Communicate your needs in a healthy way
  • Handle frazzled emotion

In dating situations, you will ask yourself, "Is this someone I should invest in emotionally? Are they capable of giving me what I need?" 

It's time to stop feeling anxious and unable to concentrate when in your relationship.


During our time together, I will also help you:

  • Learn how to control your anxiety
  • Not need anyone’s approval or validation to be your best self.
  • Honor yourself.
  • Be confident.
  • Learn to trust yourself.
Step out of your unhealthy relationship patterns and into a new and unstoppable you!

Nadine Nanjis

“Heather has changed my life in such a short space of time. She has shown me the light, believed in me, and motivated me. I have done so many exercises to improve myself and my relationship. I didn’t think it was possible to heal my codependency. I see my dreams coming true, almost daily. It's overwhelming how many miracles keep happening thanks to this incredible woman's guidance. Her courses are truly amazing. She is the epitome of what an angel truly is. Your light & gifts are meant to be heard."  

Marissa Russos

“My journey through codependency had many ups and downs, and it was painful. I couldn’t break the codependent pattern within my family and romantic relationships. I worked with Heather healing my past and codependency. Pushing through was very difficult, at times, but so worth it in the end. I finally have broken free of codependency and my past traumas. I am so grateful to Heather and all her work with me!”

Terri Cummings

"Heather changed my life! Heather has been such a blessing. I had already learned some helpful tools from previous therapy, but Heather truly took me down to the root of things and allowed for a greater sense of awareness. Awareness in everyday occurrences that are oftentimes vicious cycles. Awareness that allows me now to notice, assess, and respond to situations as the mature adult that I am, not from knee-jerk reactions that I picked up from parents or insecurities. 

A big realization was how large of a role I actually played in the decades of emotional and mental abuse in my marriage. I learned that I helped create the monster by enabling him as a result of my codependency. I had lost myself. In fact, I learned with Heather that I lost myself when I tried to please a very selfish father as far as far back as I can remember, because that’s what my mom did. I learned to work TOWARDS what I want rather than working from all that scarred me. 

"Healing is POWER: It is the most powerful thing you can do for yourself and life!" Heather Carter

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Are you ready to step into your truth and have relationships that empower and lift you?

How It Works:s

  • This is a hybrid course. Every Wednesday, there will be a live group call to answer questions about the course or specifics about group members' needs. Plus, all the course material and 3 personal 1:1 calls with me. 
  • There are 8 modules (weeks). Within each module, there are 3-4 lessons.
  • Each lesson will contain written content, either an audio or video of me teaching about the lesson, journal prompts worksheets or PDF workbooks.
  • We will have a live call every Wednesday while the program is in session
  • You will be able to attend live calls forever whenever a new session begins
  • You will be emailed your login and password information when you sign up and have immediate access
  • You will also be emailed an attachment-style quiz with directions when you register
  • There is a FAQ portion at the bottom of this page. If you have more questions, please email me.

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Meet Your Coach & Leader, Heather Carter

Heather Carter is an authority on positive relationships, a Certified Life & Business Coach through The International Coaching Federation, a Published Author, Workshop Leader, Founder + CEO of HC Coaching & Consulting, and a Single Mother of 3 hugely successful young adults.

She studied Personality Psychology at DePaul University and has voraciously investigated, studied, and absorbed every piece of psychology, personal development, brain science, and spiritual enlightenment material she could and can for the last 25+ years. 

She has changed the lives of countless women and men around the globe, dealing with relationship issues, anxiety, career issues, depression, & trauma through her program that leaves healing and loves stone unturned. 

She knows emotions can be a rollercoaster ride from fear to hope and everything in between. Through exploration, commitment, the introduction of new thought processes, and action steps, her clients embark on a journey to achieving the best version of themselves possible and, in turn, thriving and loving life and relationship.     

Her coaching and empowering transformation process helps you discover what keeps life and relationships stuck in emergency mode or mediocrity. 

Through one-on-one coaching sessions, seminars, online programs, video conferences, webinars, and written content, she has been fortunate to connect with unbelievable people across the globe.