It’s Time To Genuinely & Fully Heal Through

Your Break-up/Divorce & Let “The One” In!  

It’s time to stop putting on band-aids and heal the wounds so you can fully live in love with yourself and your life and share it with “the one” who will cherish, love, honor, respect, commit, and be true to you!

We begin on October 1st!

It’s Time To Genuinely & Fully Heal Through Your Break-up/Divorce & Let “The One” In!

It’s time to stop putting on band-aids and heal the wounds fully so you can fully live in love with yourself, your life, and share it with “the one” that will cherish, love, honor, respect, commit, and be true to you!

Breakups feel like death; only the person you love is still alive.

Healing through break ups and allowing “the one” in was designed to target the wounded areas in your mind and to solve the most common challenges I see over and over from my community and clients in the thousands and from 22 countries.


You will be able to live in love and peace when you put the following in their resting place which this program will teach you how to do.

You can say goodbye to…

  • Pain and powerlessness
  •  Insecurity
  •  Desperation
  •  Feelings of inadequacy
  •  People-please
  •  Over-apologizing
  •  The abandonment issues
  •  Jealousy
  •  Shame of being to or cheated on
  •  Fear of rejection
  •  And the need for validation

After a break up fear of the unknown takes over; certainty is gone and you will do anything to get it back. 

You will sacrifice your health, value, dignity, morals, reputation, and self-respect just to feel one shred of safety that certainty provides; even if the person that provides the certainty is toxic. 

You deserve to be happy! Let's heal together!

Do any of these self-reflective questions or statements sound familiar?

  •  Am I crazy?
  •  Maybe if I am nicer and more attentive…
  •  I know he/she loves me; they’re hurting.
  •  They had a rough childhood.
  •  Why am I not enough?
  •  What if my ex moves on to someone better?
  •  What if they become someone better?
  •  Will he/she be good to the next one?

If any of this sounds familiar, you are not alone. My group course and communities’ sole purpose is to help you get from unhealed, sad, anxious, and lonely to where you desire and deserve to be empowered, confident, happy, at peace, and full of self-love.


Katharine Wilson

Heather helped me find my true happiness and true self by loving me, and challenging me to believe in my own self-worth. She helped improve every relationship I hold dear- my self, my marriage, and my family. If you’re ready to dig deep, resolve all excuses, and change your life, she’ll coach you to it.

Margaret Kiszonas ’s

“"What can I say about Heather and the work she does?! I had no idea what to expect. What I got and how this actually rolled out changed my world! Her resources, support and positive energy is absolutely amazing! Together we made a plan of action. Feedback provided all the way through. GOALS SMASHED! I couldn't be happier with the direction I am now headed. I would recommend Heather for anyone that needs assistance refocusing, or as grand as a major overhaul! Change is tough. If it wasn't, we'd all be Rock Stars. Let's face it - we are not getting any younger, and there is no time like the present! From the bottom of my heart - thank you for the support and the love!”

Nadine Nanji

“Heather has changed my life in such a short space of time. She has shown me the light, believed in me, and motivated me. I have done so many exercises to improve myself and my relationship. I didn’t think it was possible to heal my codependency. I see my dreams coming true, almost daily. It's overwhelming how many miracles keep happening thanks to this incredible woman's guidance. If you want to change your life and relationships work with Heather. Her courses are truly amazing. She is the epitome of what an angel truly is. You are amazing. Thank you for making my heart whole, and my soul heal. Thank you for being you! Your light & gifts are meant to be heard. They will inspire many.”


Hard to express what Heather brought into my world and that of my children! Let’s just get real for a moment: when a mother takes a step to heal and grow it adds tremendous value to her children’s lives! And it definitely has. So very thankful.  I happened upon her Instagram page during one of the most difficult years of the past decade. Something about her words and mission landed deep. I knew I had to dig deeper if I wanted to get through this difficult period stronger and with HOPE. Heather’s energy and vivaciousness for life are contagious. And yet it was her wisdom of experience and living life  which sealed the deal. A little back story: I’m over here raising two younger children, recently went through a divorce, sold the home we all loved and am moving forward. It’s not easy by any means but after working with Heather I am hopeful of our future! Of where my path is taking me. Of truly trusting in the flow of life for the first time in years and years!! I have been blessed by Heather and the seeds she planted in my life which will confuse to have a harvest for years to come. Her love for others and vitality for life are truly special. Didn’t realize how much I needed the reminder: this is our ONE life!! Might has well live it BIG!! All my gratitude and love Heather Carter!!

Ashley Lindsey


Heather is one of the most sincere, genuine, and authentic souls you will ever meet. I reached out to her on a whim because I liked the content that she posted. We ended up working together and in 8 short weeks my life took on a trajectory of unparalleled growth. Heather's business acumen and insight are top-notch to go along with her unrivaled sales skills. She once said to me: "Each client is different and has different needs." This really resonated with me and encapsulates her level of empathy and energy she gives to everyone she works with. What really distinguishes Heather is her ability to connect on a deep, spiritual & emotional level. We all carry our pain in some form or fashion. Heather helped me realize mine at a time I was incapable of doing so for myself... Not only is she amazing at spotting the 'roadblocks' or 'bottlenecks' hindering you from obtaining your goals, but she will also give you action steps for YOU to carry out in order to start living a better life. Heather would have never worked with me a few years ago. For a young man; I was more jaded, cynical, and bitter than most anybody. It was my perspective that I had fixed myself before coming to Heather. In actuality, I had just built another wall and put on more armor and masked so much through comedy. Heather called me out where I needed to be called out. In all reality, my wounds were still hemorrhaging profusely. A sense of relief has come into my life, my anguish has been cauterized (I should say "Carterized" lol...pretty corny I know) and the healing process has already begun. If you are considering working with Heather, I implore you to take the leap of faith. Just be ready and willing to put in the work! You will not be disappointed.” 

Will Woodward


Taking courses from Heather is the best thing I have ever done for myself!  I started by taking her vision board workshop which much to my surprise was far more than putting together the board itself!  I left that workshop feeling like a new woman, I didn’t realize how much I needed all that I learned that one evening.  I then came upon the course I just recently finished.  I thought I would just “check it out”  I knew I was ready for more but didn’t know what and certainly didn’t know what to expect.  This course will blow you away!  Heather’s material that she brings to her course is SO SO thought-provoking!!  OMG!  It was not easy for me to sit down and ponder about some of these things that I would never have thought about, and it leads to more and more self-awareness and growth!!  The first six weeks of this course were amazing for me, we dug deep into the depths of ourselves and we all got so much valuable growth, healing, love, awareness, from this process.  Our weekly calls are the best, all of us were shy at first and Heather did most of the talking, but as the weeks went on we all began sharing personal things about ourselves and encouraging and supporting one another, it was truly the best experience!!  Heather’s courses are filled with endless valuable information that we have access to forever, so we get to look back on it when feeling the need to.  It’s unreal how much Heather has put into this course, it’s obvious she has studied, learned, absorbed for years and is now sharing it with the world!  Her passion, wisdom, love, humor all shine bright as she guided me through this course and I am a new person because of it.  Heather is no bullshit and she will push you and stretch you but always with love and compassion.  I know that in taking this course I have become a better version of myself!  As we get older and our life changes we can feel stuck or wonder, what’s next?  I know I felt like that when I turned 50, what I learned is that I needed some clarity and now I am well on my way!!  If you are even slightly thinking of taking one of her courses or workshops, I highly recommend that you go for it!  It will change your life forever!!

Marie Matson


When I had my first call with Heather, my life was crashing down all around me. I felt like a passenger, along for the ride while everything around me was descending into chaos. I was blind to what was happening right in front of my eyes. My wife had shut herself off from me, both emotionally and physically, and was engaging in multiple affairs at work. We lived in a great house in a wonderful neighborhood, but we were drowning in debt. I was miserable and it was affecting my relationship with my children. I thought my life was over and I was in deep despair. Through my work with Heather, I rediscovered myself and got my voice back. The fog lifted and I could see things clearly, perhaps for the first time. I was being manipulated by my lying and cheating spouse, and being blamed for everything wrong with our relationship while I fought desperately to repair it to keep our family together. Heather gave me the tools and strength to exhaust every last option before making that decision. The marriage did not survive but it was not for lack of trying on my part and Heather was my champion. I still believe that the relationship could have been saved, but it takes two people to make a marriage and all my effort was only met with more resistance from my wife. I can walk away knowing that I did everything I could and with my integrity intact, and that is a direct result of Heather's support and encouragement. Now that I am moving forward with my life, Heather continues to be my biggest supporter and takes as much pleasure in my victories as I do. I am astounded when I think about how far I have come and how much I have grown in such a short period of time. Heather supported me, pushed me, held me accountable, and without her help I would be still stuck in the sunken place I had been living in. I am incredibly grateful for everything she has done to help me, and I am so happy knowing she will help many others

Jason Dietrich


Are you ready to get clean from Toxic Relationships?

The hardest thing I have ever had to do is get clean from my addiction to toxic relationships and people. 

Toxic people never tell the whole truth, even to themselves. They are chameleons, always conforming to whatever person or group they’re with. 

They love pinning people against each other; it makes them the center of attention and also ensures the lies they tell are safe. 

They drop bombs of drama and run away; then make you feel immature, crazy, jealous, insecure, and like the problem. 

Their ability to send mixed signals is only out done by their selfishness and lack of morals and values. 

Everything you are feeling and experiencing right now is a direct result of your tolerations. 

When you learn to validate yourself:

  • You’ll be able to see people for who they really are

  • You will start to be attracted to and attract people who are good for you and to you

  • You will be able to spot a toxic person quickly and walk away

  • You will let go of people in your life who hold you back and keep you stuck

  • You’ll appreciate “the one” instead of taking them for granted, writing them off, and going back to pining over the potential of emotional bums

This program is for you
if you are ready to:

  • You partner’s never meet your needs or treat you the way you deserve to be treated

  • You are ready to heal, meet your inner child, and begin to feel safe, loved and cared for firstly from yourself and then from the “the one.”

  • You don’t know where to begin; you just know you’re sick of feeling this way and tired of the fear, anxiety, sadness, and being treated like trash

  • For a new way and a new path. The path that takes you on a journey to find healing, self-love, confidence, and yourself.

  • And if you are ready to find “the one” and let the past go


Reactive abuse is when a toxic person provokes you, and you react. They become the victim and you become the abuser for reacting to their abuse.

It is time to set boundaries, enforce high standards, and stop negotiating with toxic people that do not care about you. It’s time to learn how to love yourself unconditionally, empathetically, and confidently!

Quick Program Overview


Letting go of your past, naming your false identity beliefs, and updating them…

This is the first and most important part of our journey together. I will touch on your core beliefs throughout the entire program. Updating your beliefs is the game-changer.


Healing the fears that cause your triggered reactions and behaviors through mindful awareness, reframing, refocusing, relabeling, & revaluing.


Meet your inner child and learn how to dialogue with her/him to speed up healing and recovery.


Embracing a growth mindset. You will learn how to make mistakes and move forward without knowing exactly how it will all turn out and recognize failures, breakdowns, disappointments, and delays as opportunities to grow in the direction of our dreams. You will learn intrapersonal skills, how to self-soothe and have self-awareness as well as interpersonal skills: how to engage with others and ask for what you need. 


Create a life worth living by becoming “the one.” You will courageously and with conviction show up in ways that are outside of who’ve you known yourself to be through actively taking bold actions to interrupt this well-worn path of how relationships go for you with my guidance and help. You must have the courage to do things differently so that others can treat you differently. 


It is time to become unstoppable. Dating and allowing “the one” in is not for the faint of heart. The temptation when the path to success and love gets too bumpy is to leap back in your comfort zone. But you are going to learn how to live as an empowered person every day and how to quickly get back into alignment.


Creating your intention statement and goals for the new you, life, and relationship. Step by step I am going to walk you through how to make your intentions come true and live the life you dream about and desire.

Are You Excited?

I am….

But I am not done.

Here’s what’s included in the 7-week program:

7 Weeks of Video & Audio Lessons

With Heather Carter to guide you through the deep work of healing, designed to bring you clarity, forgiveness, peace, and your true self so you can find “the one” and you don’t repeat the same mistakes and patterns. 

7 Weekly Workbooks, Worksheets, Journal Prompts + Integration Practices

To integrate learnings, heal the past, excavate your truth, activate your wisdom, and bust through blocks with mediations, affirmations, visualizations, journaling, deep exercises made to get your brain and mind.

49 Daily Emails for Extra Support

Heather’s daily email check-ins with more help, quotes, and love to help you grieve and find “the one.”

Access to Heather’s Inner Healing Community for 6 Months

Experiencing others going through their own healing processes can help you through your experience knowing you are not alone, hearing what works for others and help you become aware of other areas you need help. 

Weekly Live Calls

The weekly live calls are where the action, growth, healing, and love is found. These calls are crucial for extra support and guidance. 




50% off the program! Value: $500 Discount code is:EB50

Two FREE 60 minute 1:1 Calls with Heather!  Value: $450

FREE Access to Heather’s Inner Healing Community for a lifetime! Value: Over $5k

Who is this program for?

Anyone that is going through a breakup or divorce with their partner or a family member/s.

Anyone that is thinking about leaving their partner but too fearful to do it.

Anyone that has gone through a divorce or break-up but hasn’t healed and is ready to heal and allow “the one” in, now. 

It’s time to stop asking yourself, “Why wasn’t I enough?”

Love is not about how much you can tolerate or how much confidence you can lose in the process of building up your partner. Nor is it trying to change or control them into someone your ego needs them to be. 

It’s about loving yourself enough to act on “enough!”

Have you had enough, yet?

Only then will you be able to heal and attract the relationship you’ve wanted because you have finally established it with yourself, first!


Two Payment Options for
Your Convenience:

One payment



2 payments

2 x $517


Meet Your Coach & Leader, Heather Carter

eet Your Coach & Leader, Heather Carter

Heather Carter is an authority on positive relationships, a Certified Life & Business Coach through The International Coaching Federation, Published Author, Workshop Leader, Founder + CEO of HC Coaching & Consulting, and a Single Mother of 3 hugely successful young adults.

She studied Personality Psychology at DePaul University and has voraciously investigated, studied, and absorbed every piece of psychology, personal development, brain science and spiritual enlightenment material she could and can for the last 25+ years. 

She has changed the lives of countless women and men around the globe, dealing with relationship issues, anxiety, career issues, depression, & trauma through her personal program that leaves healing and love stone unturned. 

She knows emotions can be a rollercoaster ride from fear to hope and everything in between. Through exploration, commitment, introducing new thought processes, and action steps, her clients embark on a journey to achieving the best version of themselves possible, and in turn, a thriving and loving life and relationship.     

Her coaching and empowering transformation process helps you find out what keeps life and relationships stuck in emergency mode or mediocrity. 

Through one-on-one coaching sessions, seminars, online programs, video conferences, webinars, and written content, she has been fortunate enough to connect with unbelievable people across the globe.